The Inability of Words

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Author: Harnidh KaurWP_20160623_17_36_01_Pro
Pages: 112
Year of Publication: 2016
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-131-1 (9789350451311)

About the Author:
Harnidh Kaur is at present pursuing her Master’s in Public Policy from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai. This is the 21 years old’s first collection of poetry.


Of Aunts
To Masi

Dear niece/nephew
I don’t know when you will exist,
or how, or where, or if,
but I do know that we’ll be friends
and we’ll sit, hidden in a corner
when your parents talk of worldly
things that make no sense,
because you couldn’t care
less about taxes and mortgages
when your attention is captured by
that new girl in class, or the poem
you wrote and nobody stopped to
read because you’re just a child,
and I’ll buy you things your parents
would be scared of, because they’d be
gifts that spoil you rotten, and
lead to a waste of time, because
they’ll be the very things that make
you wish for more than what you
always saw as ‘good’ and ‘fine’;
they’ll be books that make you question,
and think beyond what you’re supposed to,
and candles that make you dream of meadows
and open fields, and oceans, and lavender,
and paints and pastels you’ll draw universes with
on walls, and empty diaries to colour in with your
thoughts, and pens and pencils you’ll use on yourself
to trace histories, and I’ll pay for your tattoos
and they’ll be the kinds that make you
fall in love with your own skin
and I’ll pay for the drinks that ease heartbreaks
and I’ll make sure you know that someone has faith
in you when you don’t, and I’ll do all of that
because someone did that for me, and
after all these years, she’s still the
most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.

66 poems spread across 6 sections

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