Handpicked Tales from Mizoram

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Author: Margaret L. Pachuau
Pages: 160
Price: HB Rs 200, FB Rs 150
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157-743-6 (9788181577436)
FB 978-81-8157-744-3 (9788181577443)

About the Author:
Margaret L. Pachuau completed her post graduation as well as her advanced research in English at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. A keen researcher and translator, she has several published works to her credit.


From the Foreword

“This collection of select folk tales and short stories from Mizoram has been intended to trace the rich culture as well as the colourful history of the state and its people. It is perhaps for the first time that these stories from Mizoram have been compiled together in an anthology in translation and it is noteworthy to mention here, that some of them have been translated into English for the very first time. My intention in creating this compilation has predominately been to bring to the forefront the richness and uniqueness of the literature of the Mizos. As such, I have included folktales which have been handed down to the present generation through oral renderings and at the same time I have also included short stories composed by the more predominately contemporary generation of Mizo writers.”


Thailungi / 15
Kardumbela / 18
The Monkey and the Tortoise / 21
Chepahkhata / 23
Samdala / 26
Chemtatrawta / 28
Mualzavata / 30
The Egg and the Twig / 36
The Monkey and His Flute / 37
Rimenhawihi / 39
Lengkawia / 43
The War between the Creatures of the Air and the Creatures of the Land / 46
Nuchhimi / 51

Politik Gypsy — Thanseia / 57
The Damsel at Echopoint — Lalzuithanga / 65
A Frog’s Frock — Vanneihtluanga / 73
The Gold Necklace – Thanseia / 80
The Jackfruit Tree – Vanniehtluanga / 86
Cowboy Jean ‘Labelle’ – Khawlkungi / 97
The Cave of Hidden Treasures – Khawlkungi / 112
Silvarthangi – K. C. Lalvunga / 130

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