Manan: Thinking Design

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Author: Archana SharmaWP_20160324_15_21_38_Pro
Pages: 52
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 100, $ 8 (USD)
978-93-5045-103-8 (9789350451038)

About the Author:
Archana Sharma has explored her passion for design through architecture, landscape architecture education, art and poetry. She has worked in India, Singapore, Australia, and now lives in Baltimore, USA, with her family.

About the Book:
In a review of the book, Elizabeth S. Gunn writes:

“Archana Sharma’s poetry is elegant, geometric and probes the spaces, limits and fields of human contact within architecture. The poetic voice is both personal and traverses boundaries between space and time. This is a thoughtful collection of verses built around an architect’s view of the world that frames us all. Pensive, sharp and probing.”

One of her poems follows.


more and more i see
dead buildings rising
trappings of tech, vinyl and glass

gnawing at the lives within, without
plastic veil-disconnects,
looking in or out

39 poems

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