Digital Footprint

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Author: Preeti RanaWP_20160309_13_12_35_Pro
Pages: 128
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 300
978-93-5045-119-9 (9789350451199)

About the Author:
Preeti Rana is an architect by qualification and now works as an interior designer. She was born in Mysore, grew up in Calcutta, earned her professional degree from an institute in Maharashtra and then moved to New Delhi after she got married. She now lives with her husband and two children on a tiny archipelago in the Persian Gulf. Preeti is currently working on a series of paintings for a local art gallery. Digital Footprint is her first book.


I imagine you fine

I had imaginary friends
they were two
we sat in contemplation
sharing questions
finding clues
under leaves, ant trails,
grubby knees
quiet afternoons
we were a thoughtful trio
side by side
heads close
on one pillow
till one of us slept
then the time came
and I set forth as planned
we had run through the questions
listed them in line
we never said goodbye

I have friends
I imagine
and I say
everything imaginable
and when together
I share
those questions
I’ve kept
they are fine
kind and wiser
and sometimes
so much more
from me
and never ever
think otherwise
we’ll never say goodbye

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