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Author: Saptak Patel WP_20151211_15_21_40_Pro
Pages: 108
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-105-2 (9789350451052)

About the Author:
Saptak Patel was born in 1978. He is the author of The Jaggery Milestones (Frogbooks, 2010).



One noontide the shadow
when it ought to retreat
cast long the mouth’s burden
shaded the foretip.

Its clouds drizzled
to intoxicate with spit
enough to aedict I
drugging, sept more off lung

than lung without I, shadow to my stone, stone to my temple,
in blessed hushing, shed
qalamadh from the blood.
Dragn to hand, haunting the tongue,

misting throat, vaporous song
I coilt as breath, knot’d as froth,
bud hereon, sprouting talk
in the iternal shade of a career drug

its juice in the blood
turbult with stringy fibres,
like liquid-rays from a churning sheet of pyre,
stitch my flame to the lung.

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