In the Hour of Sky

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Author: Arijit Roy
Pages: 128
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 300
ISBN: 978-93-5045-180-9 (9789350451809)

About the Author
Arijit Roy is a student of English (Honours) at Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University. He is a poet/writer by passion and a footballer by spirit, a die-hard Argentina and Messi fan. He heads Petrichor, a creative writing club which he started, and blogs by the name of magicrealistboy.


Red Heart

I feel the problem is, that I feel
I feel for you
I feel for me
I feel for everyone around
and I also feel for everyone not around.
Yes, I do feel
I feel for the sky
for its blue colour
I feel for the rainbows
which I cannot see
I feel for the dust upon the books
which if disturbed
disperses in the air
so quickly meeting infinity.
I feel about not feeling anything too
when we turn our faces aside
on getting a glimpse of the other world
the other that dares to peep
as we shut the windows quick.
I see, I do see
but they teach me to shut my eyes,
I shut my eyes, but I can still feel.
But soon, I am made to feel that I am wrong
I am hurt, I bleed
but I refuse to feel,
truth flaps its wings, the chain rattles
the wind urges, the chain breaks
truth is set free, to fly wherever it wants
and I finally feel
it is time.

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