The Mahabharata Katha Series

The Mahabharata of Vyasa is a cornucopious treasure house of stories. These 11 books are a series of kathās from the mahā-epic, in the śloka-by-śloka English transcreation by P. Lal. Each volume carries a brief synopsis of the tale and information about its protagonists. Eight of the volumes have introductions by Dr Pradip Bhattacharya, two by Prema Nandakumar and one by A. Harindranath which discuss their symbolism, myth and metaphoric interpretation. Our Kathās explore, through Vyasa’s imagination and itihāsa-retelling, the riches of the ancient Indian tradition of Suta story-weaving. Story and history, tale and detail, vision and revision coalesce in this entertaining and illuminating journey through a civilisation that communicated lasting values and ideals by vivid oral means.

1. The Sāvitri Kathā in the Mahābhārata                                       Rs 150 
2. The Vasistha-Viśvāmitra Kathā in the Mahābhārata                Rs 100
3. The Kaca-Devayāni & Yayāti Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata  Rs 100
4. The Mandapāla Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata                        Rs 100
5. The Samudra-Manthana Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata         Rs 100
6. The Śakuntalā Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata                          Rs 100
7. Draupadi Svayamvara Kathā in the Mahābhārata of Vyāsa    Rs 150
8. The Three Disciples Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata                  Rs 100
9. The Rāmāyana in the Mahābhārata                                            Rs 150
10. The Nala-Damayanti Kathā in Vyāsa’s Mahābhārata             Rs 100
11. Vyāsa Mahābhārata Siśupāla-vadha Kathā                              Rs 250

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