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Author: Nileen Putatunda
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2013
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-054-3 (9789350450543)

About the Author:
Nileen Putatunda was born in 1978 in Calcutta. He did most of his schooling in St. Mary’s School in Bombay. He graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, in 2000 and worked for some time in the social development sector. Six books of his spiritual poetry have been published by Writers Workshop, India between 2006 and 2011. His books have been reviewed in the international Vedanta journals, Prabuddha Bharata, Samvit, The Advent and The Vedanta Kesari. Annya, published by Writers Workshop in 2009, was short-listed for the Muse India Young Writer Award 2011. Nileen’s poems have appeared in journals like American Vedantist and The Mountain Path and his articles have come out in the opinion space of newspapers.



He says he’s twenty-two,
Selling coconut water
From age seven,
Sleeping on the footpath at night,
He sweetly asks me
If I will give him place
Beneath my staircase,
I tell him,
I’m a guest in a home
That doesn’t belong to me,
I leave,
Haunted by his question.

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