Autumn Leaves

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Author: Amrinder Bajaj
Pages: 124
Year of Publication: 2012
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-030-7 (9789350450307)

About the Author:
A gynaecologist and gold medallist from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr. Bajaj began writing poems that won literary prizes in medical college. Apart from poetry, she has written short stories, articles and travelogues for the magazine, Woman’s Era. Her short stories have also been published in The Telegraph. She is the author of the wellness books, Sailing Smoothly through Pregnancy for pregnant women and The Adolescent Girl which focuses on educating girls about reproductive health. Dr. Bajaj lives in New Delhi.



Clinging to the banks of
A soiled and sullied Jamuna
Like a child on a beggar’s hip
Suckling on her withered breast
Can this be the face of Delhi?

Domes, minars and monuments.
Footprints of eras bygone; history
Written with blood on stone
On a sun-baked tablet. Can this
Be, the signature of Delhi?

A spring-intoxicated maiden
In swirling grass-green skirts,
Bedecked with fragrant flowers,
Can this dancing damsel be
The spirit of Delhi?

Where stakes are high and scruples low,
And the deadly game of power is played
Where governments rise and fall
In a ruthless bid for supremacy
Can this gambling den be Delhi?

Where taps run dry and sewers flood
Where cows laze on pot-holed roads
Where smoke smears gray upon the sky
And lungs crave for a breath of air
Can this death-trap be Delhi?

To each his own perception
Of the kaleidoscope
Called Delhi. As to the
Blind men the elephant,
To each his own Delhi.

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