Whispering Shores

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Author: Sujoy Roy
Pages: 87
Year of Publication: 1999
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 50
HB 81-7595-438-8 (8175954388)
FB 81-7595-439-6 (8175954396)

About the Author:
Sujoy Roy was born in 1945 in Comilla, which, before India’s independence, was a part of undivided Bengal. He did his schooling in Calcutta and completed his graduation and post-graduation from St. Xavier’s College and Calcutta University respectively. Once he discovered the world of writing he found it impossible to leave its confines.


“What of the Poem I write,
The Life that Lives Me, Can I Know?”

Two men relaxed down to a spot of poetry,
Rhythms and the joy of skimming along the lines
Teased them, the words echoed
As many voices in crowded company
— fanning them;
In their own colours the words were painted,
A broad tonal wash of lived-out times
Doused them, inside memories’ coral seas,
— stretched them on the shores of sea-fold years.
The whispering annals of man rained in their ears,
But while they are cocooned in imagination’s web,
And cradled in poetry,
Some unknown will along expert fingers plays,
Weaves the men in lives as patterns,
… fate by deft hands sculpts them in words
— deals them in textures and fabrics
That slowly disclose;
Finally what are the men looking for?
— but regrets.

“What of the Poem I Write, the Life That Lives Me, Can I Know?” / 13
How Fair this Plan Would Have Been without Me in between! / 14
Poetical Unrest of the Soul / 15
Proud Sail of My Verses / 16
Imprisoned in My Vertical Cage, the Fictive Truth and Fiction of Man and Times / 17
Of Human Language / 19
From Clouds to Tumbling Clouds We Range / 20
Sky / 21
As Friends We Return to the Sea / 22
How Hold the Living Clue That Runs Time out of Mind? / 24
My Point of Always Return / 25
Everyone and You / 26
Rose / 27
The Musical Years that Kept Us Credit in Finely Honed Expressed Tongues / 28
Slated as Everyday Eternal Themes / 29
Every Morning Light Has a Known Rhythm but an Unknown Flight / 31
Far Away My Mansion Was So Green / 32
My Years I Pawn for a Poem Born / 34
To the Winds of Charge I Toss My Diary / 36
Down the Ages, Frittered by Time / 38
“O Lady! We Receive What We Give, and in Our Lives Alone Nature Does Live, Ours Is Her Wedding Garment and Her Shroud” / 39
Read Me / 41
Bring to Him Only with Thine Eyes / 42
An Unutterable Sense, an Unknown Woman of all Times / 43
Village Belle / 45
A Kiss, a Smile and Away Shall You / 46
Rock the Cradle Mother, All Hands on Your Deck / 47
Sliding Drop of Rain on Petals Wide, Comes Dry / 48
Tides / 50
Beings as Manuscript Pages Live, One Shore Lost No Other Seen / 52
For the Bonds of Affection a Field Mouse Was Trodden / 54
This Life a Shadowy Sense on Stage / 56
Weave in and out of Life Yarn / 58
Immigrant Beings / 59
Shoreless Man / 60
Familiar Stranger / 61
Camel / 62
Ambiguous Earth / 64
Time Like a Dim Camp Sits upon the Night / 65
Balloon and Diminishing Man / 66
Power / 67
Vaunt / 68
On the Surf: an Untitled Man / 69
Silence of the Lamb / 71
Single in His Sorrowing Face, a Fate That Arms Him Alone / 72
He Whose Thoughts Must Remain Untold / 74
Outside Them No Resting Place? / 75
One, Two and Three, the Night Dictates the Seize of Every Hour / 76
All the Past and Present in One Burning Pain / 78
Little Ahead a Key Turned in My Chamber, Little beyond I Heard a Sea in Midnight Roar / 79
That of the Hour / 80
Pilgrims / 82
Ramprasad’s Ballads / 84
Torching the Path / 86
Parting / 87

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