The Dancing Bear

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Author: Shamman Roshan
Pages 95
Year of Publication: 1998
Price: HB Rs 150, FB Rs 60
HB 81-7595-302-0 (8175953020)
FB 81-7595-303-9 (8175953039)

About the Author
Born and brought up in Punjab, Shamman Roshan moved to Delhi as a graduate student where he worked as a clerk to earn his Master’s degree from Delhi University. Within a year and a half, he moved to the United States where he earned his Ph.D. in Comparative Literature in 1976. He has taught at many universities in India, Africa, and the United States.


The Dancing Bear

somewhere in the spirals of inertia
the dancing bear
dances to the speed of stars
over the sun disc
and portly plays
to a generation of pop-corn
and ice-cream
to show he salutes his master
to make a meal of male heart

his cyclical motion propels
against the dancing bulge
as he ambles through the clearing vistas

the dancing bear
still marvels at his claws
at his luminous metaphor
of stunning self love

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