The Birds Fly in Silence and other poems

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Author: Madhu KailasWP_20160617_12_03_24_Pro
Pages: 108
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-126-7 (9789350451267)

About the Author:
Madhu Kailas is the pen name of Kingshuk Basu. He grew up in Kolkata and has lived, studied and worked in various places in India and the USA. He is an avid lover and writer of poetry. He lives now in Kolkata with his wife and two children.


I wake up

I wake up in ravaged gardens
strewn with bruised petals.
Crippled wings lie flightless.

Feathers defiled, float in soft haze.
Crushed leaves ooze green –
pasty, still breathing.

No longer fearful of the morning
that dawns in your arms
unshackled, unrepentant.

Restful mind spills open.
Fluid on your purple chest,
swims in astonished freedom.

Amidst broken chains, metal rings,
plaster shards, and domestic porcelain –
flotsam of butchered conscience.

Tart passions tamed,
fresh, cleansed in surrender
beyond understanding.

Remorseless, love sails across
crumpled sheets and flower-prints.
I wake up next to moonbeams.

Malleable, fleshy, silvery –
in small hours of the morning
sprawling over peace-ocean. Giving.

Unburdened, untormented
by the loveless, sleepless –
the morning beholds new eyes.

Dark, moist and redeemed.
Your violet eyes wakeful,
demure in soft light and breeze.

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