of butterflies and lullabies & Unfinished conversations

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Author: Dawngi ChawngthuWP_20160606_12_08_01_Pro
Pages: 88
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-124-3 (9789350451243)

About the Author:
Laldawngliani Chawngthu uses the pen name Dawngi Chawngthu. She is an educationist by profession and a passionate creative writer. Her poems have been brought out in the publications, The Storytellers Anthology, Volume 1: A Stream of Poetry (Brian Wrixon Books, Canada, 2013) and Women of One World (by the same press, 2015, in support of Needs of Women International). Her poem “Motherhood” was translated into Hindi and published in the book, Yudhrat Am Admi (Ramnika Foundation, 2011). Chawngthu is Joint Director at the State Council of Educational Research and Training, School Education Department, Government of Mizoram.


Closest to my heart
(for my mother on my birthday)

what lies closest to my heart
stays in my heart

deep buried within my soul
untouched… safe

i nurse it… i nurture it
hidden away from the world

i talk to it in my dreams
i play with it in my mind

yes… what lies closest to my heart
stays boxed up… in my heart

and… this is where you’ve been
all this time… since you left

4th July 2011

55 poems spread over 2 sections

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