The Begging Bowl

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Author: Jose Large
Pages: 115
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: HB Rs 150 / £8
978-93-5045-023-9 (9789350450239)

About the Author:
Jose Large divides her time between England and India (Himachal Pradesh and Goa). She wrote these poems over a period of three months, as a stream of consciousness.


Keep Me Safe

May all your love be kindly requited
may all your love be blessed
and may your feelings not be slighted
and may your heartbeat stand the test
may all of those who ever loved you
wish you a happy new year’s day
and may the gods that dwell within us
keep you safe in every way
may tenderness pour down like gold
with every sunrise that you see
and with each sunset I’ll be with you
pink-ribboned laughter, wild and free

on shanti Bill

96 poems spread over 2 sections:

The Begging Bowl
64 poems
32 poems

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