The Blue Note

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Author: Srividya Sivakumar
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2012
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-039-0 (9789350450390)

About the Author:
Srividya is a teacher, poet and editor. This is her first collection of poetry.



i cross fingers
wish on mail vans
send out a prayer
to the train
thundering over my head
i toss salt over my shoulder
kiss my fingers at the solitary bird
always keep the label up
on my blanket
and i don’t dog-ear books
or throw stones at small creatures
i bite my tongue
when i utter a curse
don black beads
don’t make a face
when the wind is blowing
and i don’t crack my knuckles or elbows
or drink
wear synthetic
or miss a call
all of this to no avail
you still left
you still left
after all.

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