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Author: Partap Chand Aggarwal
Pages: 334
Price: HB Rs 400, FB Rs 300
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157-767-2 (9788181577672)
FB 978-8157-768-9 (9788181577689)

About the Author:
Born in West Punjab and raised in Karachi, Partap Aggarwal was, on August 15, 1947, blown into the wind as one of millions called the refugees. After a couple of years of wandering he found moorings in Batala, a small town in Indian Punjab, just six kilometers south of the Pakistan border. Here, he went to a college that was small enough for the students to actually interact with the professors as friends. In his third year, he attended a Quaker seminar in Kodaikanal where for two weeks he interacted with Indian, British and American people deeply influenced by Gandhi. This changed him forever and made him gravitate towards village reconstruction work. For five years he taught at Colgate University in upstate New York after which he returned to his roots in India. Now 76, he finds he has woken up to the “awful weakness of not knowing how to relate with (his) family and friends”. Hence he has “re-enrolled (himself) in the school of real life”.


When Kindness Is Cruelty

“A famous American environmentalist (his name escapes me) many times talked of an experience in his early life. He was on vacation on an island with lush tropical vegetation. Hundreds of beautiful butterflies were in the air hovering in flowers and joyfully drinking nectar. He was so fascinated that he spent much of his time watching and studying the charming insects….”

I. Animal Beings and Environment / 13-76 ( 21 Stories)
II. Native Americans / 79-104 (13 Stories)
III. Autobiographical / 107-147 (13 Stories)
IV. Philosophical / 151-225 (37 Stories)
V. Health / 227-238 (5 Stories)
VI. True Stories / 241-270 (11 Stories)
VII. Miscellaneous / 273-333 (27 Stories)

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