Twenty Odd Love Poems And Then Some


Author: Anupama Mohan
Pages: 52
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
Year of Publication: 2008
HB 978-81-8157-737-5 (9788181577375)
FB 978-81-8157-738-2 (9788181577382)

About the Author:
Anupama Mohan was born and raised in New Delhi, where her parents moved to from Kerala in the early 1970s. Her poems and short stories have been published in newspapers and magazines. She is currently completing a Doctoral degree in English at the University of Toronto. Twenty Odd Love Poems is her first collection of poetry.


An old wife’s tale

there is a story they say of an old man by the sea
losing his life slow and steady
watching the deep blue ebb and throb and ebb and throb
as the final sob
of a life led in sin and avarice and misery leaves
him in a slow dawning wonderment of these
fishes that swim about and dance
a play of chance
a play of chance.


Remind me of sins old / 11
An old wife’s tale / 12
Cinema love / 13
Make me / 15
A requiem: if we were any stranger / 16
The princess bride / 17
Humdrum blues / 18
I see a tremble in you / 20
Crazy poet, do you say / 21
Stay / 22

To my beloved on unjustified anger / 23
Of lazy afternoons and love bacchanal / 24
Today you are particularly pitiful / 26
I have a vague memory of your face like an aubergine / 27
Sonata amorosa / 28
Funny / 30
Strangers in the rain / 31
trumpet.flourish.exuent. / 32
A valediction, forbidding mourning / 33

Of mother / 34
Did you say goonite / 35
Metaphore / 36
On sitting on doorways / 37
On making love / 38
I am ten again / 39
The old man sings a song / 40
Swan song / 42
and then some / 44
Serenity / 45
Nevertheless / 46
Toronto / 47
sing Icha. to Rasputin / 50
On Monet’s lilies / 52

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