Treading on Gnarled Sand

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Author: K. S. Subramanian
Pages: 124
Year of Publication: 2011
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-009-3 (9789350450093)

About the Author:
K. S. Subramanian is an Assistant Editor with The Hindu. He has worked as a journalist for 27 years. He holds post-graduate degrees in English Literature and Defence Studies from the University of Kerala and the University of Madras respectively. His poems have been published in several anthologies within and outside India. His first book of poems, Ragpickers was published by Writers Workshop, India.


A Middle Class Home

You can see it all in a wedding;
Clusters spilling the beans about
their kin; eyeing the debutantes
into wedlock with their web of
envy-laced malice.

Their hearths are burning at home.
Yet a nameless vacuum like dust in
the attic; they live with it.

The syndrome spans the spectrum
of the middle and the affluent;
only the lingo is of different mien;
sophisticated gossip sounds sweeter;
all brewing out of envy-laced malice.

Age withers them; what they
learn in their twenties becomes
an uneasy crown in the seventies;
Amusing! The pathos of existence
or preordained fate?

58 poems spread over 7 sections

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