Call Me

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Author: Purabi Bhattacharya
Pages: 80
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-102-1 (9789350451021)

About the Author:
Purabi Bhattacharya was born and brought up in Shillong. She is now based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, where she lives with her husband and teaches English in a college. Outside of teaching and writing, she loves to paint and photograph. She has presented a photo-poetry exhibition called Connecting Dots in an art gallery in Gandhinagar. Her first poem was published in Wanderlust, an anthology compiled by Writers Forum, Ranchi.



One day
in the limbs of the sylvan sky
confining my eyes
a whole neoteric
opera house opened wide,
to an endless rendition.
The zephyr caressed
as I strolled through unseasoned land
the bleating of lambs
flowered a smile
on my springful face
the dew’s saliva
all over my mouth
bushed up my tiny frame.
The blue witness
showered petals all over
as I caved in your arms.
The stream once loud
is still
the blossomy lawn,
turning grey.
Your fingers trespass
freeing my tress
a throbbing sound resonates,
wallowing in the meadows
a woman
turned to clay
co-mingled with the earth.
You held the tuft of my locks
and hurriedly performed
the funeral rites
of all the dreams…
after all,

those were mine…
not yours.

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