Life, Music, Action!

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Author: Anindita BanerjiWP_20151211_15_20_25_Pro
Pages: 128
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-099-4 (9789350450994)

About the Author:
Anindita Banerji, playwright and director, resides in Kolkata. She is a fulltime teacher which affords her the unique opportunity to cultivate her interest not only in academics, but also in music, theatre, sports and nation-building. She is passionate about cinema, advertisements and nature. She loves good food and, along with a friend, runs a confectionery called Michelle’s.

Anindita would like to set up a theatre company in the future, geared towards staging original productions. For performance rights and other queries, you can contact Anindita at


In her foreword to the book, Kaveri Dutt writes:

“The plays deal with relevant themes which, though pertinent to our times, possess an universal appeal. They contain an underlying message which makes them especially suited for young audiences and here we get a glimpse of Anindita Benerji the well-loved teacher, who is sensitive to the needs of her pupils and their environment. She is not afraid to go against the tide to present before the audience moral, social and environmental values that are essential to our human and spiritual development. Neither does she shy away from the didactic when the occasion demands it. However, it is her imaginative and nuanced treatment of subject matter, ranging from the local to the mythical, from the romantic to the allegorical, that effectively camouflages the “bitter pill” with a fresh, frothy flavour. I am sure that the great GBS would have approved!

Ms. Banerji in her very first publication has achieved the twin objectives of good drama, which is to entertain as well as instruct, and I look forward to more literary creations from this promising author.”

Acknowledgements / 9
Foreword / 11

The Forever Story / 13
Cal-cat-ta’s Dog-gone Catastrophe / 53
Don’t Say “No”, Adrija! / 75
TERROR-ISM: Will It Make a Good Story? / 115

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