Half Moon

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Author: Reshma Ramesh
Pages: 88
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 200
ISBN: 978-93-5045-175-5 (9789350451755)

About the Author:
Reshma Ramesh’s first collection of poetry, Reflections of Illusions, published by Writers Workshop, India, in 2009, was presented in the International Read and Share Conference attended by Asian countries and Pulara 8 in Malaysia in April 2017. She is a Fellow of the Regal World of Scribes, member of the World Congress of Poets, and has presented her poetry in the 37th World Congress of Poetry, 2017 (Mongolia), Pulara 7 International Poetry and Folk Song Festival in Malaysia (2016) and the World Poetry Radio Show in Vancouver (2017). Her poems have been featured in journals like Enchanting Verses Literary Review, World Poetry 2017 Anthology and Poems of the World (Library of Congress, Washington DC), and have been translated in Bengali, Albanian, Turkish and Mongolian. Dr Ramesh received the Savitribhai Phule National Women Achiever award, 2018. She lives in Bangalore where she practises dentistry.


You Draw Me

You draw me like the rain draws shadows
Filling empty cobwebs without names
Breaking into memories of a town, a street,
A yard and a window, a child sitting with a book
Clasped in his hands with empty eyes.

You draw me like unpossessed places do
Like a travellet lost in the past leaning into the fading light
Against a noise in the sea, searching for the burnt smell of autumn
Searching for a midday shadow cast over a poem.

You draw me like distance, fleeing from all intimate things like
Soft kisses, butterflies, breadcrumbs, trains and emptiness
And put me in a book, among words where someone wrote
About islands and children with lamp-lit brows
And an orchid pressed between the sheets.

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