A Speck in the Universe

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Author: Nita B. George
Pages: 136
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 300
ISBN: 978-93-5045-174-8

About the Author:
Poet and short-story writer Nita B. George retired as an Associate Professor of English after an active teaching career of 37 years. She is a graduate from St. Francis College for Women, Secunderabad, and an alumnus of the Department of English, Arts College, Osmania University. She started writing late in her life and her first collection of poems, Reflections, was published in 2012. This was followed by a book of short stories in 2014, Encounters, and another volume of poetry, Confessions and Other Poems (2016). All three books were brought out by Writers Workshop, India.  Outside of writing, she loves spending time with her pets who keep her physically and emotionally busy.

Excerpts from the preface to the book:

“This is the memoir of an obscure person, a nobody. There are no great claims to great achievements, records established, winning posts conquered. Just a story of a life lived, challenges faced, battles won and then a disappearance from the face of the earth… lost in the vast universe.

The memoir begins by the author placing the objective of writing it before the reader, telling the reader not to expect great happenings in the book, telling the reader also that the memoir is an attempt to analyse all those little forgotten details of life that have led to the evolution of the soul …

Structurally, the memoir is divided into unmarked ‘fluid’ divisions, for the narrative does not flow in a set of chronologically ordered chapters but moves in thematic swings… The author found the stream of consciousness very appropriate for what she wished to narrate …

The author believes that every life is unique, worthy of a memoir. Every life, to her, is a world by itself, the joys and sorrows, the challenges, the aspirations, the achievements, and the human mind, a universe, so very vast, so very deep… and every person, ‘A Speck in the Universe’.”

Preface / 13

Fluid Contents: / 17
The Rivulet
Turbulent Waters
And the World Polluted It
It Gave
The Shooting Star That Never Disintegrated

Postscript / 119

Photographs / 121

Perceptions / 133

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