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Author: Nita B. George
Pages: 84
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-095-6 (9789350450956)

About the Author:
Poet and short-story writer Nita B. George retired as an Associate Professor of English after an active teaching career of 33 years. She is a graduate from St. Francis College for Women, Secunderabad, and an alumnus of the Department of English, Arts College, Osmania University. She started writing late in her life and her first collection of poems, Reflections, was published by Writers Workshop, India, in 2012.


An excerpt from the preface:

Encounters is a collection of 21 stories and anecdotes covering a wide spectrum of life. The stories are intricately woven and bound to the theme ‘Encounter’. Ranging from the simple to the complex, some stories have child protagonists but are in no way childlike in experience or perception. Arjun, the eleven-year-old, becomes the ‘hero’ by default, or the bent of the human mind towards rationality in the face of an encounter between fantasy and realism in “My Favourite Story” is seen even in a child who is just three years old… We all have our encounters with religion, superstition, mischief and supernatural elements almost daily. “Pages from the Diary of Sarah Gomes” dives deep into the mind of Sarah Gomes, unmasking her to the reader, while rational objective perception does find room to counter her thinking. To the discerning reader, “The Reluctant Redeemer” brings forth a story within a story, as too the encounter between the past and the present. Life is full of encounters… The desire for freedom of the mind from the strings of reason and rationale makes the author now a child, now an adult.”

You can read more about the book here.


Preface / 9

Arjun / 11
Akash / 14
The Little Lost Cat / 18
An Eerie Encounter / 20
The Christmas Present / 23
Bahadur / 24
The Magic Coin / 27
The Guest / 30
My Mother. My Mother / 33
Little Baby Steps / 37
Devi / 39
My Favourite Story / 43
The Night / 46
Grandmother / 50
Lal Pahad / 53
The Oblivion / 58
Markus / 62
The Tie Breaker / 65
“Amma, I Want to…” / 69
Pages from the Diary of Sarah Gomes / 73
The Reluctant Redeemer / 78

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