Between Me and My Self

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Author: Anubha Sharma
Pages: 50
Year of Publication: 1999
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
HB 81-7595-638-0 (8175956380)
FB 81-7595-639-9 (8175956399)

About the Author:
Anubha Sharma was born in 1968. She has an M.A. in Economic History, a Diploma in Kathak dance, is a Reiki Grand Master, and has a place in the Limca Book for Record Holders for writing a poem daily since 1989.


In the jungle
As a lion I roamed —
As he was
In the oceans I flowed —
As wind
I carried ‘Your’ fragrance all around —
As a bird
I chirped ‘Your’ name O Existence —
As a tree I
Meditated upon ‘You’ O Nature —
As morning
I woke ‘You’,
As stars
I illuminated ‘Your’ celestial path —
Now in
Within this form O Infinite
I hold ‘You’ —
Help me
To behold ‘You.’

Poems numbered 1-35

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