The Mahabharata of Vyasa ~ Book XII The Complete Santi Parva Part 2 (Moksha-Dharma)

The Mahabharata of Vyasa ~ Book XII The Complete Santi Parva Part 2 (Moksha-Dharma)
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Translator: Pradip Bhattacharyawp_20161128_10_34_30_pro-1
Pages: 1112
Year of Publication: 2016
Price: Rs 2000
ISBN: 978-93-5045-122-9 (9789350451229)

About the Translator:
Pradip Bhattacharya retired from the Indian Administrative Service as Additional Chief Secretary (Development and Planning) to the Government of West Bengal. He graduated with Honours in English from St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta, where he was later Lecturer in English for two years. He took his M.A. in English as a student of Presidency College from the University of Calcutta, being placed first in the first class with gold and silver medals. From the University of Manchester he received the Post-graduate Diploma in Public Service Training with Distinction. He trained the All India, Central and State Civil Services for several years, and served in the Government of India and the West Bengal Government. His Ph.D. is on narrative art in the Mahabharata. He is the only Indian chosen as International HRD Fellow by the University of Manchester and the Institute of Training and Development, U.K. He was the sole representative from the developing world to address the annual conference of the Institute of Transactional Analysis, U.K., in London. He established the Directorate of Homeopathy and launched two World Bank projects in West Bengal, advised on computerising official work, drafted the Right to Information Rules for West Bengal, several state Acts, and the Expert Committee Report on Administrative Reforms, and modernised manuals of procedure. He has chaired sessions and read papers in national and international conferences on the Mahabharata organised by the Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Sahitya Akademi, and University of Mumbai. He is on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata, for over 15 years, and on the editorial board of its Journal of Human Values and of MANUSHI. He has authored and edited over 30 books, monographs, comics and papers on public administration, transactional analysis, ancient Indian history, comparative mythology and homeopathy. He is translating into English the rare Jaimini Bharata from the Grantha script for the National Mission for Manuscripts and the first Bengali Mahabharata composed by Kabi Sanjay as a West Bengal Government project. He can be contacted at

About the Book:
After Professor P. Lal passed away in November 2010, we approached Dr Bhattacharya and asked him if he would complete Professor Lal’s Mahabharata transcreation project. In his lifetime, Professor Lal had transcreated 16 volumes and the first part of The Śānti Parva from Sanskrit to English. With Dr Bhattacharya’s translation of the Moksha-Dharma Parva, our English translation of The Śānti Parva is now complete.

This is the first English translation of the Moksha-Dharma Parva in free verse. Distinctive ślokas have been reproduced by Dr Bhattacharya in Sanskrit.

You can read a review of the book in A shorter version of this review was brought out in The Statesman, and an article on the larger Mahabharata project in The Times of India.

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