An Ember from Her Pyre

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Author: Shelly Bhoilwp_20161031_12_40_24_pro
Pages: 96
Year of Publication: 2016
Price: Rs 200
ISBN: 978-93-5045-140-3 (9789350451403)

About the Author:
Shelly Bhoil is a poet and academic who lives between India and Brazil. She has published poetry and research papers in reputed journals and anthologies in India and abroad. Her debut book of poetry is being translated into Portuguese for publication in Brazil. She was the 2011 winner of the Tahoe SAFE Alliance poetry contest (US).  Her doctoral research, in Panjab University, is a study of Tibetan nationalism in exile through the evolution of Tibetan-English fiction. Bhoil is currently co-editing a volume of essays, Tibetan Narratives in Exile, to be published in the UK. She has previously worked as Assistant Producer in IBN 7 and Assistant Professor in colleges of Delhi University and Amity University.


Nude poem (2)

This poem right                 here
reminds me of another poem
lost in remembering     nothing
about itself or the intervention

the scratches here and there
uncared into scars
recur in amnesic dreams
like the unfinished lines
neither erased nor delivered
squeeze and writhe about
in the manner of rain-washed
earthworms peppered
in semi-abandoned diaries

this poem here is
about that poem somewhere:
a nude poem perhaps that was
one without words for ornaments
one with feelings alone for flesh
a nude poem of yours
a nude one mine

A review of the book can be read in Kitaab.

56 poems spread over 4 sections

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