Jaiminiya Ashvamedha Parva

Transcreator: Shekhar Kumar Sen, Edited by Dr Pradip Bhattacharya Pages: 488 Year of Publication: 2008 Price: HB Rs 800, FB Rs 500 ISBN: HB 978-81-8157-849-5 (9788181578495) FB 978-81-8157-850-1 (9788181578501) About the Book: Translated from Sanskrit, shloka by shloka, by Shekhar Kumar Sen, this is Jaimini’s version of The Asvamedhika Parva, in The Mahabharata. The book has 5 colour miniatures from Emperor Akbar’s commissioned translation of The Ashvamedha, a long detailed scholarly introduction and very useful glossaries of war weapons, trees […]

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