Jaiminiya Ashvamedha Parva

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Transcreator: Shekhar Kumar Sen, Edited by Dr Pradip Bhattacharya
Pages: 488
Year of Publication: 2008
Price: HB Rs 800, FB Rs 500
HB 978-81-8157-849-5 (9788181578495)
FB 978-81-8157-850-1 (9788181578501)

About the Book:
Translated from Sanskrit, shloka by shloka, by Shekhar Kumar Sen, this is Jaimini’s version of The Asvamedhika Parva, in The Mahabharata. The book has 5 colour miniatures from Emperor Akbar’s commissioned translation of The Ashvamedha, a long detailed scholarly introduction and very useful glossaries of war weapons, trees and plants and other material in Jaimini’s work.

For customers living outside of India, the price of the book is $70 (USD), which includes registered postage charges.

In his review of the book for Religions of South Asia 4.1 (2010), Simon Brodbeck writes:

“The book includes a seven-page contents list with summaries of each chapter. This is a valuable reference tool, and readers will consult it often—but perhaps not as often as they might have, for it is hidden away after the introduction, on pp. 72–78. It might also have been enhanced had the chapter titles been copied from the colophons at the end of each chapter and pasted in as headings for the chapter summaries, thus giving an at-a-glance impression of which event is considered to be the most salient in any given chapter.

The book has four useful glossaries; but it lacks an index, and this will exasperate many readers. If anyone were to compile one and post it online, they would surely gain the merit of a thousand aśvamedhas. But despite the book’s minor drawbacks, Sen, Bhattacharya, and the Writers Workshop are to be heartily and gratefully congratulated for the contribution they have made. This book will undoubtably reinvigorate scholarly and public interest in Jaimini’s Āśvamedhikaparvan, and hopefully will pave the way towards an eventual dual-language edition with more extensive apparatus and interpretive notes.”

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