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Author: P. K. N. Panicker
Pages: 120
Year of Publication: 2013
Price: Rs 250
978-93-5045-066-6 (9789350450666)

About the Author:
P. K. N. Panicker is a chemical engineer and is President of Chemical Industries Association. In the past, he was the President of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers. His technical articles have been published in journals, including the Encyclopedia of Chemical Process and Design. He is a bilingual poet and has three volumes of poetry in English to his credit – Random Reflections (Minerva Press), Insight and Ultimate Triumph (both by Window Publishers). He has published one collection in Malayalam, Swapnangal (Olive Publications). His other titles in English are Swami Vivekananda and Our Earth and Our Environment and Lohangalude Lokam (popular science essays) and Palamukhangal (one-act plays) – both in Malayalam.


A Mother’s Reflex

She stood in silence
in front of the tomb
of her little daughter.

From the grieving
overcast heaven
tears dropped.

She pulled
the loose end of her sari
to shield the tombstone
her dear daughter
might catch a cold.

Tears dried up,
she sat on the farther corner
of the tombstone,
her hands stretched
holding the sari end,
to wipe the raindrops
from the hair of …

Seconds passed,
minutes rolled on,
she sat there
looking into the eerie silence
of the cemetery.

Note: Written after reading a small poem by Tamil poet Ezhil Bharathi

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