The Wayside Piper

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Author Srinivasa Rangaswami
Pages 82
Year of Publication 2001
Price H 120 F 80
ISBN 81-7595-834-0 | 81-7595-835-9
About the Author
Born 20th February 1924. Holds a Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Madras. Has been writing poems in English since boyhood. Deeply interested in Indian Music and Tamil Classics.

It’s ever a groping
for a meaning…

the tapestry of life
is ever weaving,
unfolding newer and ever newer patterns,
changing all the time.
Only the Master Weaver knows
the grand design, the ultimate whole,
unrevealed to the human eye.

The loom does not stop
it’s ever weaving. . .
Table of Contents
Thou art all 13
The one thing needful 15
I cannot ask for more 17
The Just Scheme 19
Life 21
Nothing in Vain 22
Chance Visiting 24
At the homing hour 25
The Adolescent Bride 26
At the parting hour 27
With you beside me no longer 28
The Enigma 31
Relationships 34
How beautiful are the plains 35
On the sand dunes 36
To the Muses 37
Evening by the riverside 39
A dream 40
O limpid brook 42
The Bombay monsoon is like my heart 43
Paper bits, paper bits 45
The thawing dew 46
The ember never dies. 47
A Krishna for each gopi 49
‘The other woman’ 50
Who else but you! 51
The real ailment 52
Would they be right now? 53
The wayside piper 54
I ride on pinions of winged horses 55
Young I am 56
A windless heath 58
Awaiting thy composing touch 63
The caravan moves on 64
As songs come to me 66
Would you the promise keep? 67
This too must pass 69
New wine in old bottles 70
Innocent as a new born babe 72
The Kursi syndrome 73
Muse in chains 75
A writers requiem 76
The Internet 78
A sheaf of haiku 79

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