The Supreme Sound: Gan Diva

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Author: Rajkumari
Pages: 396
Year of Publication: 2004
Price: HB Rs 500, FB Rs 300
HB 81-8157-166-5 (8181571665)
FB 81-8157-167-3 (8181571673)


From The Dervish Whirl: Masud

A great argument was on in the centres of learning. It was of the possible influences on the doctrines of the great philosophers, Abu Saeed of Nakhna and Abus Sarwani, the moon of the Sharqi kingdom as he was called. History, Poetry, Law and of course Philosophy, they scratched and picked at them all.

But in a little desert oasis a village schoolmaster, the Khoja Masud laughed.

“The bird has flown this summer — to the North they say,
And we are picking every pebble hoping to dig a road
to Mandalay.
When the Great Vision comes, where goes a Cause
Thro’ Time in Space?
But we would give Light a date of birth and an hour of conception to the Way!”

Gan Diva / 9
The Knock of Calvary / 125
Dhanno Budungey / 209
The Dervish Whirl / 295

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