The Stranger

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Author: Susunaga Weeraperuma
Pages: 86
Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 90
Year of Publication: 1987

About the Author:
Susunaga Weeraperuma lives in Worblaufen, Switzerland. A lecturer and author, he worked as a librarian at the British Library and other London libraries as well as the South Australian Parliamentary Library. His time is now devoted to writing works of fiction and non-fiction.

“Marienella was in her usual seat that afternoon in the Senate House Library of the University of London. The pile of textbooks on her table was so high that one could see neither her tiny face nor dark hair which was plaited with black ribbons. She was short and slightly built and contrasted with her parents who were both huge in size, and had light-coloured hair. Her dark eyes had reddened with excessive studying and insufficient sleep, for her final degree examinations would be in a week. Time was becoming very precious to her. Time was running out and she even avoided meeting her boyfriend because she felt that more time and energy should be devoted to cramming. Apart from having to revise her many hand-written notebooks there was also the problem of having to finish reading a lengthy novel by Charles Dickens.”

The Stranger /1
The Jobless Girl / 6
Her Unknown Admirer / 12
Lover of Books / 18
Family Planning / 24
Man of Genius / 30
Matterhorn / 39
Swiss Lady Passenger / 43
Quest for Love / 47
Sinful Invitation / 56
Overseas Adventure / 59
The Eternal City / 65
The American Tourist / 69
My Fellow Traveller / 71
Advice to a Boy / 79
Advice to a Girl / 83

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