The Earth-Animal

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Author: P. D. Joseph
Pages: 362
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 500, FB Rs 300
HB 81-8157-859-4 (8181578594)
FB 81-8157-860-0 (8181578600)

About the Author:
P. D. Joseph was born in 1948 in Trivandrum. He moved to Nigeria with his wife in 1974 and returned to India after ten years. He has remained in India ever since.

The Earth Animal puts forth a way of life that has a strong grounding in orthodox Christianity. In his introduction to the book, P. D. Joseph says:

“The true substance of this book is the points that the man [i.e. the Earth-Animal] leads us on to consider. These points touch on all basic aspects of living life well and conscientiously, which would of course mean that we make course corrections in life today so that the future of life on earth would be enjoyable for all generations to follow ours.”

21 chapters

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