Waddling like a Duck


Author: S. A. Owais
Pages: 40
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
HB 978-81-8157-831-0 (9788181578310)
FB 978-81-8157-832-7 (9788181578327)

About the Author:
In his life, S. A. Owais has strongly believed in the need to be political. For him, “political” means, in his words, “any activity that affects or seeks to affect the community, country or world.” He has been strongly influenced by Gandhi, Russell and Einstein and their political philosophies. Owais strives to exert his political agency through his writings.


The Kashmiri Madman

When I died recently,
The Hindus and Muslims of Kashmir
Fought over my dead body
And God, desperate, changed it to fragrant roses.
I remember it so vividly.
It was all a la Kabir.

They forgot my warts:
That I was just a petty bureaucrat
With my petty greed.
(And that, unlike Kabir, had no voice.)

They just remembered my virtues:
That I was obsessed with Religion
As simple love for the fellow-being
And aghast at Kashmir’s fate.

Even Geelani kept a rose!

Surely, fellow Kashmiris,
My madness is of a small order?

The Fanatic / 9
The Kashmiri Madman / 10
Letter to Anwar / 11
Waddling Like A Duck / 12
Bill Gates and Me / 13
Cogitations on the Meaningful Life / 14
Mother / 15
I Will Create A New Kashmir / 16
“I Shall Be Shakyamuni” / 17
The Problem with Buddhism / 18
The Weavers / 19
Homo Perambulatrous / 20
Einsteinian / 21
The Language of the Powerful / 22
Splendid Autism / 23
Pantheism / 24
Old Adolescent / 25
Night and Fog / 26
Effete / 27
My Pandit Books / 28
PTSD Goodbye! / 29
Slow Dissolve / 30
The Dons / 31
Stubborn Ventilators / 32
Carnal Weapons / 33
Fever / 34
The Most Charming Fundamentalist / 35
Reward / 36
Flight / 37
The Human Race / 38

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