The Invaders and Other Indian Poems


Author: Vera Sharma
Pages: 52
Year of Publication: 2000
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 60
HB 81-7595-756-5 (817595756-5)
FB 81-7595-757-3 (8175957573)

About the Author:
Vera Sharma was the daughter of Dr. Shridar Vyankatesh Ketkar, the first Marathi encyclopaedist, and his wife, Shilavatibai Ketkar, a schoolteacher and German translator. She worked in Information Service and journalism in India and the USA. Her work has been published in many journals around the world, and she has won many prizes. Many of her short stories have appeared in translation by her daughter, Dr. Sunita Sharma, in leading Marathi magazines. Vera Sharma passed away in the early hours of 20 May 2000, due to kidney failure. She had patiently borne her long illness.


The Invaders

When people leave their countries
As adventurers or immigrants
In search of shelter in times of war,
More money in times of peace,
Their culture on their backs like snails.
They invade someone else’s land.

The British brought churches with them.
They made little Englands in our country.
Dadabhai Naoroji fought against the British
Usurping jobs that Indians could do,
Against money going to Britain.

A hundred odd years later
The British unemployed resent
Jobs taken from them by Indians.

We have built temples
And mosques in Britain
We work there and send our money home.
We are making mini-Indias everywhere.
The time came when we said “Quit India”.
Will we be told to ‘Quit Britain”?

Why can’t people
“Do in Rome as Romans Do?”
Shed the shells off their backs.
Mix with the people in the new country.
Otherwise stay where they belong.
Help to build a better India.

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