The Golden Chord


Author: Ivy Imogene Hansdak
Pages: 44
Year of Publication: 2010
Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 100

About the Author:
Ivy Hansdak works as a senior lecturer in English in New Delhi. She received an M.Phil in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. As a poet, Hansdak has been influenced by English poetry as well as the alliterative and onomatopoeic folksongs of her mother tongue, Santali.


Ode to Delhi

In the acrid fumes of your traffic jams;
In the sweltering heat of your summers;
In the filth of your air-conditioned vapors;
We sleep and smile,
We dream and drift on.

In the clutching touches of beggars’ hands;
In the clanging sounds of auto rickshaw horns;
In the stench of sewers overflowing on roads;
We sing and dance,
We shrug and move on.

In the glitter of your neon lights and malls;
In the geometric shapes of your flyovers;
In the fleet of cars on your smooth highways;
We wink and wave,
We bow and emasculate.


Indian Monsoon / 11
Sounds of a Rainy Night / 12
Sunbeams after Rain / 13
Just Another Rainy Day / 14
Summer Night Song / 15

A Beggar Child / 19
An Old Man / 20
Small Miracles / 21
Specimens / 22
A Definition of Love / 23
To a Circus Lion / 24
Night Scene at Siri Fort Auditorium / 25
A Stray Cat in Godavari Hostel / 26
After the Riot: Her Voice / 27
Ode to Delhi / 29
The Last Drop / 30

Can I conceive beauty equal to Thine? / 33
Though my lips are constrained / 34
I falter again / 35
Though my own people mock me / 36
Can I forget, Lord? / 37
Thou hast heard my prayers, at last! / 38
Visiting a Cathedral in Pondicherry Town / 39
Jesus Heals Two Blind Men (Matthew 20: 29-34) / 40

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