The Candle in My Dream


Author: Amanita Sen
Pages: 48
Year of Publication: 2012
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-038-3 (9789350450383)

About the Author:
Amanita Sen holds an M.A. in English Literature. Her poems were featured in a short experimental film, Paramesh which was screened at the Kolkata Film Festival (2011) and BYOFF (2012). She was cast as the sole character in the film as well. She is married and lives in Kolkata.


The Blue Torment

Suddenly there is a wall behind my back,
With colours strong,
Each unidentifiable from the other.

I recognize one, though.
That of torment – sheer blue.
Intoxicably blue
So blue that you can die in its arms.

I panic, I’d rather be nowhere
And then I start running
Where my eyes can see,
Where my legs can carry,
I keep on running
Till I reach the horizon.

And then I pause to breathe.
My existence here is a dotted one.
Colours would rather chase a canvas
Not a dot like me.

I am safe here,
Ready to merge with the oblivion.

No, not quite yet,
Being nowhere is not easy.

A Nightly Truth / 9
My Conscience and I / 10
An Auburn Sunset / 11
The Journey / 12
The Delete Key / 13
Kolkata Winter / 14
The Bold Font / 15
To the Poet / 16
The Whispering Night / 17
The Story of the Lone Hair / 18
Liplock / 19
New Pages of Life / 20
To Love / 21
My Verses / 22
Silence / 23
Desire / 24
Farewell Love / 25
June Calcutta Rains / 26
Ode to Womanhood / 27
The Candle in My Dream / 28
Drying to Death / 30
The Blue Torment / 31
Song of the Waves / 32
Wordless Conversations / 33
My Pen / 34
I Wonder / 36
The Home of Poetry / 37
The Path of Faith / 38
Venomous Stings / 39
Solitude / 40
Leaving / 41
Triumph of Beauty / 42
What Life Is Not About / 43

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