Redeeming Reflections


Author: Samarender Reddy
Pages: 60
Year of Publication: 1998
Price: HB Rs 80, FB Rs 50
HB 81-7595-364-0 (8175953640)
FB 81-7595-365-9 (8175953659)

About the Author:
Samarender Reddy completed his graduation in Medicine from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. However, this was not to be his profession. He found himself becoming more inclined towards the social sciences and, after spending a year at home where he studied the field on his own, he went to the United States to specialize in Economics.


O beauteous and wondrous form

O beauteous and wondrous form
Caught in yonder starlit night
Enwrapt in the stillness of the late hour;

O beauteous and wondrous form
Peeping through this field of grain
Drenched to the root in dazzling sunlight;

O beauteous and wondrous form
Gliding along that eagle’s wing
Flapping and circling in defiant flight;

Will you not come here and alight
Will you not on my canvas reside?

O beauteous and wondrous form / 9
I, the biped / 10
Do you think that Truth is so structured that you may conceptualize it in your thought and ponder? / 11
I look to the left; I look to the right / 12
I want to journey my life alone / 13
I scatter to the four winds / 14
God I’m tired / 15
When longing for another / 16
Suffer not / 17
I have far too much hair / 18
The call of separative pulls / 19
The future / 20
Who knows / 21
I knew no fear / 22
Same is our provenance / 23
O Mother, bear us a little longer / 24
Love came unbidden / 25
Autumn’s here, dear friend / 26
Death comes too often / 27
What is being accomplished / 28
In the holding back, there is conflict / 29
When all that is left / 30
I have seen eyes / 31
Many a moon will wax and wane / 32
To chance upon the silvered orb / 33
In the beginning was the word / 34
It is not to you that I speak / 35
A brush in hand / 36
Up, up and above / 37
He is gone / 38
One half of humanity awakens / 39
When the sweet nectar of life / 40
Birds in air do somersaults / 41
Look, look here she comes / 42
How strangely mistful / 43
You lapped up like a wave / 44
Like on far away horizons / 45
In life I slowly learn to take / 46
My mind has told me / 47
Climbing up the steps of his house / 48
Let us not talk about God / 49
Flower to fruit, fruit to seed / 50
Beclouded by mists of ignorance / 51
“Whence have I come? Whither shall I depart?” / 52
‘Twere a crime / 53
If it is questions that you seek / 54
How many more words / 55
This tree / 56
Whatever is, is meant to be / 57

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