In the Kingdom of the Dead


Author: Harish K. Thakur
Pages: 55
Year of Publication: 1999
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
HB 81-7595-656-9 (8175956569)
FB 81-7595-657-7 (8175956577)

About the Author:
Dr. Harish K. Thakur was born in 1968 in the village of Judainee near Shimla. He teaches Political Science at the Government Degree College, Arki District, Solan.


From Reflections

Through the narrow lanes
Behind the mingled fringes
Of memory opaque,
Head eager to unburden
The cargoes it carries for years.
The green blades
Unweight the frigid dew
From their wet shoulders
As the Sun hugs them
Protracting its bright arms.
You are destined to be
What you were not
In your thoughts of early days
Or not to be
What you are
Always lying dormant
Cold in the veins of frozen spine,
A division distressing.
But this is how life goes on
To be rafted through
The unwelcoming rapids.

Reflections / 9
Sins Flow Down to the Bay Here / 14
Some Time After / 16
Words of Silence / 17
To Him / 18
Antiphony / 19
In the Kingdom of the Dead / 20
Life’s Bastille / 21
The Infringed Virgins / 22
Punjaban / 23
I Beg Your Pardon / 24
Preparing for Tomorrow / 25
Fragments of Light / 26
Pool of Love / 27
In the Realm of Roses / 28
Roses Poor Roses / 30
The Words of Vanity / 31
Fire of Hunger / 32
On Her Patience / 33
A Call / 34
The Young Sage / 35
The Crematorium 36
Once Again / 37
The Unwanted Advancement / 39
The Remnants of White / 41

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