Parallel Lines

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Author: Indrani Laskar
Pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: Rs 150
978-93-5045-083-3 (9789350450833)

About the Author:
Indrani Laskar is a member of the Assam Civil Service. A short-story writer and poet, she also writes articles in local dailies, both in English and Assamese. She has translated Kafka’s Diaries (2006) and Letter to His Father (2011) into Assamese. Her other books include Jiban Bichitra (2011), which is a collection of her articles, Rang Birang Xhiyalor Kotha (2012), fables for children, and Inner Space (2009), Assamese short stories translated into English. Laskar lives in Guwahati.


Death, never so near

I held him,
In my arms,
Eyes closed,
Arms clinched.

A moment ago,
We talked,
We laughed,
Of going to the church,
And of visits to our hometown;
When this car comes from the alley,
And in a moment, he was all bones,
And the car, a battered tin.

The anxious voices milling around,
The frantic activities and scurried feet,
Blurred into floating existence;
And I held him close to me,
Dark of his blood spilling;
Warm against his cold body,
Feeling for the draw of breath,
Against his calm face.

I held him;
In my arms,
Never wanting him to go,
Never believing he could go,
And waited… and waited till
My own whisper faded…

47 poems spread across four sections

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