Operation Epiphany ~ God’s Journey on Earth

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Author: Mallikarjun B. Mulimani
Pages: 284
Year of Publication: 2012
Price: Rs 400
978-93-5045-034-5 (9789350450345)

About the Author:
Born in 1979 in Karnataka, Mallikarjun Mulimani graduated in Engineering and has been writing fiction and poetry. His first book, Abstractions, published by Writers Workshop, India in 2007, was a collection of poems and digital paintings. His second book was a novel titled Buddha in a Mercedes (published by S. Chand, New Delhi). The Holy Plumber and Other Stories, a collection of poems and stories, was brought out by Writers Workshop in 2009.

In his foreword to the book, Professor K. Raghavendra Rao writes:

“… In his poetry and fiction [Mulimani] is wrestling with some of the intractable issues baffling mankind, such as God, death, freedom and truth.

His Operation Epiphany ~ God’s Journey on Earth is a profoundly philosophical novel which explores with rare intellectual courage and visionary imagination the meaning of human life. His fiction is unique in Indian writing in English and it recalls the philosophical fiction of Raja Rao. His use of the English language is highly original and poetic. His writings are demanding but the efforts invested in reading them are worthwhile.”

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