O My Darling India!

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Author: A. Sathyanarayanan
Pages: 198
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 250, FB Rs 200
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About the Author:
A. Sathyanarayanan completed his schooling in Hyderabad and went on to receive a B. Sc. in Mathematics from Hyderabad’s Nizam College and an MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad in 1992. He worked for over a decade in advertising before an ill-timed heart surgery forced him to alter his professional course. His interests include Chennai, its beach, Tamil culture, spiritual classes hosted by Swami Parmarthananda and playing the guitar.

“I wake up to the sirens of an ambulance and see a patient being rushed in. At least there is hope as I see the frenzied manner from the 4th Floor window of Apollo Hospital. It is winter here and time for the north-east monsoon to bring in the rains. As the sun rises, I feel gooseflesh as a streak of tears form in the corner of the eye. I am lucky to be alive today and most surely not make it next month.

Make no mistake, I am dying and don’t need a doctor’s worried look or the anxiety writ faces of my wife and children. My body was giving up on me and I could sense the daily deterioration. I was appalled by the mirror: Though balding fast, my face had a youthful lustre, a long and round nose, and a small mouth. At over 185 cms height and an extra bit of fat, colleagues at the office suggested that I resembled Helmet Kohl, the ex-German Chancellor. Now I could see the face taunt and withered, the nose now looked more snubbed and that alone showed I was degenerating fast.”

[Extract taken from “Death Becomes Me”]

My Entrepreneurial Days / 11
Spirituality in Kaliyuga / 32
Romancing the Stone / 43
Living under Arc Lights / 63
Death Becomes Me / 80
The Glories Seventies / 98
Horrors of Bus Travel / 112
Tuning and Curving / 123
When India Commits Suicide / 142
Outdoor Advertising Convention / 155
Woman of Substance / 167
Truck Drivers and Bus Conductor / 182

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