New Tales from Aesop

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Author: Paul Roche
Pages: 231
Year of Publication: 1999
Price: HB Rs 250, FB Rs 150
HB 81-7595-324-1 (8175953241)
FB 81-7595-325-X (817595325X)

About the Author:
When pressed about his age Paul Roche would reply: “I’ll tell you that when I’m ninety, meanwhile I refuse to be labeled.” Much before this, when he was in his late twenties, he discovered he was a poet and went on to write thousands of lines of verse — most of it unpublished. Roche was born in Mussoorie and spent his first nine years in India, of which his memories were indelible and his affection undiminished. Many of his books were published by Writers Workshop. He translated several Greek classical works for Penguin USA. Apart from writing, he took a keen interest in gardening. He passed away in 2007, at the age of 91.


The Grass-Snake and Zeus
(Respect is given only to those who demand it)

A Grass-snake having been trodden on for the twentieth time, went to Zeus complaining.
“It really is too much,” she said. “Almost every day somebody steps on me.”
Zeus raised his eyebrows.
“My dear, I’ll tell you why. If only you had bitten the first person who trod on you, you wouldn’t now be in this pass.”
The Grass-snake arched herself in extreme expostulation.
“Sire, you know very well that we Grass-snakes have no bite.”
“Exactly, and that is why you are trodden on.”

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