Love Is…More Love

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Author: Sefer Etseferis
Pages: 52
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 100, FB Rs 80
HB 978-81-8157-949-2 (9788181579492)
FB 978-81-8157-950-8 (9788181579508)

About the Author:

From The Author’s Note

“Etsefers/Etseferis aka Roxana/Rossana/Rosanna aka Ros/Roz/Raz. While Estefers may refer to the biblical herb of King Solomon aka ‘healing of the nations,’ all /Roz/names point to ‘Light’, in many different ancient languages: i.e. ‘The Illuminated One’, ‘The Shining One’…

[She] Works with a team of Elves on desktops and shelves. Upon request, she can work on sea shelves with sirens to save babies (blue whales, dolphins, penguins and white baby bears).”


Estsefers of the Elves
Stories for little people on shelves

First star on the right…

There is a pyjama place of
Coyness and toyness and
Slippery tenderness
Hid in a star with stripes
Where all silly kistyas go
Just challenging you

Every child should be able to recall the colour of
first little pyjama, toothbrush, slippers and
last book of fairy-tales.

Etsefer’s Eleven / 9
The Song of Etsefers / 14
Potions from Sirens Tears / 16
Babyful Poems and Butterfly Kizzes / 19
Love is…More Love / 21
The Book of Myrrh / 27
Their Little Feet Can Move the Planet / 28
Lions Riddims in the Sky / 31
Heart-Drinks Riddim / 33
Righting and Writing / 35
Estsefers of the Leaves / 36
Heaven Knocking at My Door / 40
Etsefers Kiddush Shir Ha Shiram / 42
You Are Now Entering the Human Heart / 46
My Hands Are Covered with Love / 48

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