Lost Monsoon

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Author: Prabha Prakash
Pages: 72
Year of Publication: 2018
Price: Rs 200
978-93-5045-187-8 (9789350451878)

About the Author
Prabha Prakash is a chartered accountant by profession and writer by passion. Her poems have been published in Ink Drift, Kalaage and the Women’s Day issue of Delhi Poetry Slam. She blogs at Epiphanic Moments. Apart from writing, she loves teaching and Carnatic music.


A Lost Monsoon

The “new” sheds its charm
Amateurish and incomplete
And stoops down –
As if in defeat –
To the peerless grace and completeness
Of what was –
Of the beauty in cracked walls and leaking roofs
And wrinkled hands and damp floors,
Of an old rain that was a unique contrast;
Days when the droplets poured into our hearts
And a warmth spread in our souls –
As if proving to be a visual oxymoron;
Today, the rain sends chills down the spine
Forming a frozen void within,
Searching in vain
For that lost solace,
The cuddling hands
And that serene face
That are now stiff and pale
And numb and cold –
Indifferent and invisible
With tears burnt
And emotions buried –
Dissolved in the monsoon.

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