Life Blues

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Author: R. Hema
Pages: 74
Year of Publication: 2009
Price: HB Rs 120, FB Rs 100
HB 978-81-8157-837-2 (9788181578372)
FB 978-81-8157-838-9 (9788181578389)

About the Author:
R. Hema was born in a town in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Psychology in 1989 and went on to work with the Track Machines Organization of the Indian Railways in Chennai. In her spare time she writes poetry and translates Tamil poems into English. She is married and lives in Chennai with her husband and daughter.

Life Blues is a collection of poems written over a period of 20 years. It comprises poems that touch upon various emotions felt by the poet, ranging from elation to sadness. The second section of the book is called My Fair Maid and consists of poems that were inspired by the silent and unseen companion of the poet in her fantasies, who she refers to by this name. R. Hema observes: “The poems of the nostalgic past have been an instrument in (my) ideological development.” Poems about inequality and disparity in real life also find a place in this collection.

54 poems distributed over 2 sections

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