I Am

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Author: Reshma A
Pages: 64
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: Rs 100
978-93-5045-123-6 (9789350451236)

About the Author
Born in 1989 in Trivandrum, Kerala, Reshma completed her MA and M.Phil. in English literature from Kerala University. She worked for a year as an Assistant Professor at an aided college in Kerala. At the age of 15, her collection of short stories in Malayalam, Ramu, was brought out by Current Books. This is her first volume of poetry.


Dupattas, purdahs, veils

Dupattas, purdahs, veils,
Put them on!
Young girls get lost in dark alleyways,
Raunchy humour,
Open booty calls,
Lewd remarks in a singsong voice.

High-ceilinged street mosques.
Incense smoking like the last cigarette
Drives away sewage mosquitoes.
Too many pep talks from spiritual gurus
Make us all live

The air is germ-ridden.
Under my stilettos
The earth feels wet.
Please stay out of the sun, sweetie.
Our delicate brown skin tans
Way too easily.

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