Hunt of Hera

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Author: Claudia Weeraperuma
Pages: 67
Price: HB Rs 150, FB Rs 100
Year of Publication: 2004
HB 81-8157-230-0 (8181572300)
FB 81-8157-231-9 (8181572319)

About the Author:
Since the governing principle of Claudia’s life is compassion, the first collection of her poems was titled Ocean of Compassion. Feeding hungry cats and dogs in the neighborhood that regularly call on Claudia, and giving grains to birds, are all important to her. She is a staunch vegetarian.

“Hera was the name we had given to a wild she-boar that would occasionally visit our garden at night. She was an unusual animal for we had observed that she was not frightened of torchlight and completely unaffected by our outside lights.”

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