Glimpses of Telugu Literature: Leaders and Landmarks

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Author: D. Anjaneyulu
Pages: 216
Year of Publication: First published 1987, Reprint 2012
Price: Rs 400
978-93-5045-025-3 (9789350450253)

About the Author:
D. Anjaneyulu (1924-1998) was an author, journalist, biographer and critic with nearly forty years of writing experience to his credit. After working as a Sub-Editor in Indian Express and The Hindu, he entered the Central Information Service in 1959 and served the Government of India in various positions, including Editor-in-Charge of Vani (AIR), Information Officer of P.I.B. and News Editor at Doordarshan, Madras. He retired from government service in 1981. He wrote regularly on literary and cultural issues for newspapers like The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Economic Times and journals like Indian Literature. His publications include Window to the West (a travelogue), Dr. C. R. Reddy (a monograph), Kandukuri Veeresalingam (a biography) and The Art of Biography (a booklet).

In his introduction to the book, D. Anjaneyulu says that one of his objectives for writing this book was “to provide the general reader, who may or may not be conversant with the Telugu language, with a few glimpses of its literature. The device adopted here is one of focusing attention on its leaders, some of them ancient but most of them modern, whose major works represent the landmarks in the history of Telugu literature. The list of names is by no means exhaustive; it could at best be illustrative.”

Telugu Literature: A Bird’s-Eye View / 13
C. P. Brown: Telugu Lexicographer / 20
Potana: Poet of the People / 26
Vemana: Poet of the People / 33
Kshetrajna: Poet-Composer / 38
Kandukuri Veeresalingam: Crusader on Many Fronts / 42
D. V. Krishna Sastri: His Muse and Message / 47
The Importance of Being Viswanatha / 57
Sri Sri: The Poet of Protest / 65
Dasarathi: A Poet’s Duel with Darkness / 72
C. Narayana Reddi: The Romantic Humanist / 76
Bairagi: Poet of the Human Predicament / 80
P. V. Rajamannar: A Playwright who Championed the Fallen Woman / 84
Bhamidipati Kameswara Rao: A Serious Humorist / 89
P. Padmaraju: Artist in Prose and Verse / 93
Butchi Babu: A Rare Creative Artist / 98
“Enki Paatalu” / 102
Illindala Saraswati Devi: Sensitive Story-Teller / 110
“Grahanam Vidichindi”: A Significant Telugu Novel / 115
C. R. Reddy: Epoch-Maker in Telugu Criticism / 121
G. V. Sitapati: Versatile Telugu Scholar / 127
Tapi Dharma Rao: The Seasoned Sceptic / 135
Srivaatsava: Critic as Journalist / 147
Mutnuri Krishna Rao: A Great Andhra Editor / 151
V. R. Narla: A New Force in Telugu / 157
Great Lexicographers of Telugu / 162
Trends in Telugu Literature Criticism / 172
Impact of Socialist Ideology on Telugu Literature / 178
Social Consciousness in the Telugu Novel / 196
Literature of Protest in Telugu / 206
State of Modern Writing: A Cursory Glance / 210

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