Glimpses of Life

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Author: Saikat Moira
Pages: 172
Year of Publication: 2016
Price: Rs 350
ISBN: 978-93-5045-117-5 (9789350451175)

About the Author:
Born in 1990, Saikat Moira completed his Master’s in English Literature with a high First Class from Calcutta University in 2013. He had graduated from Asutosh College in 2011.  He has written a number of poems and short stories, published in various magazines.  His essay “New Dimensions of Indian Foreign Policy” won the second prize in an essay competition organized by Pratiyogita Darpan. He was a faculty member of English at Adamas University, for a short period. At present, he is working as a teacher of English at Roy’s Institute of Competitive Examinations.


“‘Oh my God, a dead body!’ Manilal Mitra was shocked. He was a jogger in the early morning. Being very health-conscious, he came out of his house at dawn. The sun didn’t come out but a faint fairness emanated from the eastern sky. There was a bypass near his house. This long expanded road was flanked by a series of trees on either side. Its sidewalk was quite commodious and clean. Morning joggers generally opted for that thoroughfare to run, jog, or, at least, walk helter-skelter. Cars would vroom past them apace. Manilal was jogging briskly down the spacious footpath. All of a sudden, he noticed a dead body.

No, it was not a dead body of any human being, but a carcass of a mere dog. The scene looked very gory. Its head was smashed. Its maw was also slashed and its guts were jutting out. Some crows gathered around the carrion. Those scavengers were pulling entrails from its tummy with their beaks. Only some skin on the back of the creature was recognizable. Its color was murky yellow with black stripes. Manilal’s heart was hammering inside him.

‘Then, is it Bagha?’ he asked himself.

Its face and neck were not recognizable as they were badly smashed. Mani found no belt around its neck. In fact, its muzzle, eyes, neck were all pressed and intermingled.”

[Extract taken from “The Pet”]

The Pet / 9
Reunion / 13
The Phobia Is Cured / 24
The Celebrity / 37
Affection and Affliction / 57
Romance in Rajasthan / 83
The Night / 108
Day and Night in the Graveyard / 119
Caught Wearing a Birthday Suit / 141
Old Memories Rekindled / 152

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